Frequently Asked Questions

Why Monat?

Since being introduced to the Monat products, my hair and skin has never looked and felt so healthy. You can see the transformation on the outside, but what’s even more awesome? The transformation that is taking place on the inside, with our new wellness line, I have more energy and am filling my soul with the rich antioxidants, nutrients, fruits and veggies with just a simple morning shake that tastes amazing!

What does your average day look like?

My day is never quite the same and that is the way I like it! With a 1 year old daughter my life has been a little crazy this last year adjusting to life with a tiny human. There are some non negotiables in my day that I am committed to getting done, daily devotional and quiet time with God, meal prep & planning, and working on my online businesses. That entails, going to networking events, hosting / attending training calls, keeping in contact with my wonderful customers and cheering on my business partners.

What is your favorite product?

I have become a bit of a product junkie! If you ask me to pic my favorite products, it would be a toss up for sure! But one of my favs, the Tousled Texture Spray…Why? It holds my curls all day, it gives me touchable AND brushable hair. What’s not to love? Without all the hard, sticky product feeling? Yes, you can say I’m in love

What is a VIP?

Who wants to pay retail prices when you can save up to 25% off, receive free shipping, earn free products and get exclusive access to even bigger savings every month?​For just $19.95 you can become a VIP for life.

What is an MP?

I never realized the opportunity for uncapped income and a road to such success was possible, but that’s exactly what you open the door too when you join us. Have you ever given some thought to a homebased business? Maybe not before? But since the shift in our world with the 2020 pandemic, many people are making the choice or searching for an opportunity to earn an income from the safety and comfort of their home.

Are you still doing hair?

I will consider myself a hairstylist until I take my last breath! I absolutely love doing hair, so YES, I still do hair out of my home studio, traveling to hotels / Air BnB's for wedding hair and I get to work in film with some very talented hairstylist on shows like: Hawaii 5 0, Magnum PI, NCIS Hawaii, I KFull Widthnow What You Did Last Summer (episodic) as well as some movies, Finding Ohana, Press Play, and many more.

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